Sony RX10M2 – Experience

This summer i bought a RX10M2 and took some amazing pictures with it. But…
Unfortunately I had to return due to some major issues with the autofocus, zoom wiggle and steadyshot jitter.

But first lets have a look at some images i took with this camera:

Poland 2015

First of all i noticed a significant zoom wiggle through the whole focal range:
This video is shot using tripod without image stabilisation.

Contrast-AF issue focusing horizontal lines and structures. Even an eye could not be focused:

There is also a significant amount of jitter when using the image stabilisation:

This is for all potential buyers and picky people like me to be aware of some issues that won’t be addressed by Sony. Overall the camera delivers a very good picture and video quality!
But for me there are too many issues for such an expensive gadget.


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